Specifications for Consumable Parts in the Cement Block, curbstone, and Concrete Paving Production Machine TP.RN1518:

  • Hydraulic Hoses: German or Italian Type
  • Control Valves: Galtek from Italy.
  • Piston Jack Pipes: Special pipes for stone crushing, BOSCH or BOHLER from Germany, or CE-certified European pipes.
  • Jack Shafts: Special chrome-hardened steel from Italy.
  • Protective Mesh: Solid punched sheets.
  • Machine Vibrator Table System: Alloy Sheets for Stone Crushing
  • Control Electrical Panel: Siemens components from Germany (thermal switches and contactors).
  • Electrical Panel System: Rittal Design
  • Generators: Siemens and VEM from Germany, CE-certified European generators.
  • Sheets inside the Mixer System and Paroi: Dillidor sheets from Germany or Hardox from Sweden (20–10 mm).
  • System Molds: Three different types of sheets with special alloys and high wear resistance.
  • Used Paint: Automotive-specific paint.
  • Machine Chassis: Heavy-duty industrial steel, 10–12 mm thick, highly resistant to impact and pressure (safety factor 2.5).
  • Used Tires: Neoprene tires from Germany.

Auxiliary Equipment for Machine TP.RN1518:

  • In the double-pocket machine TP.RN1518, the equipment includes:
  • Main double-pocket device (production machine)
  • Two specialized conveyor belts
  • Double-pocket mixer with two reservoirs
  • Fully automatic fixed-tier robot
  • Chain band for transferring the produced items to the fixed-tier

Pallet Size 120*75

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Hollow Block


200x100x60 mm

500x500x150 mm

500x350x150 mm

400x200x200 mm


700 m2

3600 Pcs

4000 Pcs

8000 Pcs

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