Hydraulic Movable Pipe Machine PI 1000

The Movable Pipe Machine (PI 1000)

This system can produce different kinds of concrete pipes up to 60 meter height and telecommunication boxes and the other related figures.

This system is semi-automatic. The mould and matrix (shoulder) are moved by jacks. PI 1000, a very solid system with high performance, is designed and manufactured by Parsian Machine Sazan Tabriz.

The specification of concrete pipe machine PI 1000:

This movable machine consists of controlling part, 4 set of moulds with 2 vibrators and one electric vibrator which simultaneously carry out the pressing and producing action.

The maximum used surface in moulds is 126*50 (H60).

Equipped with hydraulic system (two levers for pressing and vacating the products).

Equipped with one set of electro-vibrator and two set of rotational oily vibrator, each of which is powered by a generator.

This system is manufactured with equipment that is made in Italy or Germany.-

The mould (system and matrix) is made from seven different types of alloy sheet.

The capacity of this system is 600 piece of concrete pipes during a working schedule.

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Free Trial



Concrete Box

30x30x50 cm

20x30x60 cm

40x60x40 cm

40x60x30 cm

Concrete Pipe

60x14x20 cm

60x24x30 cm

60x34x40 cm

60x38x45 cm

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Product Model :Movable Pipe PI1000

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