Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Concrete Pipe PI1200 Variant 1 to 2 meters of height 200mm diameter 2/1m

دستگاه لوله زن


Concrete Pipe PI1200 Variant:


This machine is capable pf producing a variety of pipes

with circle and square section.

It can produce armed and unarmed pipes as well as

New Jersey curbs.

Hydraulic – Vibration  Working System
Semi automatic Control
19 Kw Power Supply
11 Kw Hydraulic Power
54 Lit Hydraulic Pump Flow
220 Bar Hydraulic Working Pressure
150 Lit Hydraulic Tank Capacity
2*600 N Vibrators
2*4 Kw Vibrators Power
Quantity Length Diameter
300 L=1m,2m  mm  200 Production capacity per ( 8/h)


250 L=1m,2m  mm  300
220 L=1m,2m  mm  400
150 L=1m,2m  mm  500
100 L=1m,2m  mm  600
70 L=1m,2m  mm  800
50 L=1m,2m  mm  1000
40 L=1m,2m  mm  1200
دستگاه لوله زنی لوله زن
لوله زن بتنی لوله زن ثابت
لوله زن خودرو

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